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Auto-Disable Syringe

PRECAUTIONS: Before use ,check the integrity of the sealing of Pack . Do not push the Plunger forward before withdrawing medicine from the vial otherwise Plunger will get locked.

QUANTITY: Each Shipping Box contains 12 Sales Boxes of 100syringes per Sales Box. Total of 1200 syringes per Shipping Box

COST: Contact sales team

IMI AD Syringes are designed and manufactured as special syringes that self-destruct after one use, thus preventing dangerous reuse that can result in the transmission of blood-borne pathogens such as Hepatitis B , Hepatitis C and HIV.

The need for AD Syringes has arisen, especially in developing countries, as a counter- measure to combat the unsafe and hugely problematic injection practice of the reuse of the syringe, which has contributed significantly to the spread of blood borne diseases.

AD syringe does not harm the recipient, does not expose the provider to any avoidable risks and does not result in any waste that is dangerous for other people. The AD syringes are versatile and eliminate reuse of syringes for immunization purposes.

IMI Produces both 2 Piece and 3 Piece AD Syringes.

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