Product: Hypodermic Single use Needles
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Hypodermic Single use Needles

PRECAUTIONS: Before use ,check the integrity of the sealing of Pack.

QUANTITY: Each Shipping Box contains 12 Sales Boxes of 100syringes per Sales Box. Total of 1200 syringes per Shipping Box

COST: Contact sales team

The hypodermic needle is a device used with AD/RUP syringes by medical professionals to transfer liquids into or out of the body. It is made up of a hollow tube. The hypodermic needle is produced from steel, which is first heated until it is molten and then drawn through a die designed to meet the size requirements of the needle. As it moves along the production line, the steel is further formed and rolled into a continuous hollow wire. The wire is appropriately cut to form the needle.

Other plastic components like hub, cap on the needle are produced through molding. An advanced automatic needle assembly machine having almost no human touch performs assembly of steel parts and other components.

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