Our Services

Our Services

INTEGRATED MOTORS INDUSTRIES sells, services and repairs all types of Transportation Cooling Units. IMI specializes in the Thermo King and the Guchen brand of Refrigerated Units. IMI’s service staff is trained to install, service, and repair Refrigerated units on transport vehicles to full customer satisfaction.

IMI specializes in Thermo King refrigerated units, both V-series (Direct Drive) units and T-series (Independent Engine) units and sells, services and repairs these units at its facility at Oshodi in Lagos and also at the customer’s site, whenever necessary. These transportation cooling units are also supplied with the Electric Standby option, whereby the unit can be fitted to electric mains to continue cooling even when the vehicle engine or the unit engine is off.

INTEGRATED MOTORS INDUSTRIES LIMITED is an integral part of the IPI group in Nigeria, a well-known conglomerate with operations all over Nigeria for more than 50 years.

IMI caters to all customers requiring frozen as well as chilled applications on their vans, pickups, trucks and trailers. IMI recommends the best model of Thermo King and Guchen units to its customers depending on the type of goods carried by their vehicles, the size and volume of the refrigerated body and essentially the nature of application required.




Building of Refrigerated Bodies

Building of Refrigerated box bodies on Vans, Pickups, Trucks and Trailers.

Supply and Installation

Supply and Installation of Refrigerated/Cooling units- Thermo King and Guchen brands on Refrigerated bodies.

Service and Repairs

Service and repairs of Themo King and Guchen Refrigerated/Cooling units 

Service and Maintenance

Service, Maintenance and repairs of Air Conditioning for Buses.
Service, Maintenance and repairs for Cold Storage systems.
Service, Maintenance and repairs for Ocean going refrigerated containers.  


Giving consultancy and advice to customers on the specifications of refrigerated bodies best suited to the customer’s needs. Also, giving consultancy and advice to customers on the specifications of the refrigeration/cooling units best suited to the customer’s needs and to the refrigerated body constructed on the customer’s truck.

IMI is a full customer-centric company and believes in 100% customer satisfaction for all orders executed by it.